Autumn is gone “in denial”: a fresh forecast from weather forecasters

Осень ушла «в отказ»: свежий прогноз от синоптиков

Friday the 13th can be wonderful day and in the SYNOPTIC plan. Autumn we truly pampered. Ukrainians waiting for a great last day at work. Everywhere there is warm, Sunny and dry on the territory of our country? Read the weather forecast for Friday, September 13

As predicted by the meteorologist, fall gives us another amazing day. Enjoy the weather!

In Western Ukraine – a few clouds. At night in the region is quite cool +8…10°, daytime temperature is very comfortable +25…+27.

Rains do not promise in the North. The night temperature of air is +9…11, in the afternoon warmer up to +25…+27°.

Sunny in the East. At night there is also a cool +9…+11° C, daytime temperature is +25…+27°.

Clear weather is expected in the Central regions. At night it is expected +10…+12, and the day to +26…+28.

The rains will pass and the South. Night in the region of +14…+16, in the afternoon on thermometers will be up to +26…+28°.

In Crimea , partly cloudy weather also. Night on the Peninsula the air temperature will be +15…+17, in the afternoon will rise to +26…+28°.

In Kyiv no precipitation. A night in the capital cool enough +8…+10° C, and at +25…+27.

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Wind South-East, its strength and speed be 3-8 m/s.

Осень ушла «в отказ»: свежий прогноз от синоптиков

We will remind, the terrible hurricane “Dorian” sweeps away everything in its path, hundreds of military thrown to help.

As reported Politeka, Kiev is waiting for the heat and cold.

Also Politeka wrote, residents warned of bad weather in the Lviv region.