Autumn has finally settled in the Ukraine: the weatherman presented a new Outlook

Осень окончательно обосновалась в Украине: синоптики представили новый прогноз

Autumn gave us a timeout and abruptly recalled to myself – cool, rain and wind. Finally say goodbye to summer? Read the weather forecast for Thursday, September 19

As predicted by the meteorologist, the country will divide sun and rain. The only thing that will solidarity is in the air temperature. Should dress warmer.

In Western Ukraine, except Chernivtsi and Khmelnytsky regions, weather forecasters promise rain. At night here the air temperature drops to +5…+7° C, day +14…+16.

In the North will also be rainy. Night temperature in the region +6…+8, in the afternoon +12…+14°.

Cloudy in the East of Ukraine. The night the air temperature will be +6…+8° C, and in the afternoon to +15…+17.

Rain is not promised to the residents of the Center. Here at night will be +7…+9, and in the afternoon to +15…+17.

In the South, Sunny, no precipitation. Night to +9…+11, in the afternoon on thermometers will be up to +18…+20°.

In Crimea , partly cloudy weather. Night on the Peninsula the air temperature will be +9…+11, in the afternoon will rise to +18…+20°.

In the capital of Ukraine day will be rain. Night in Kiev +6…+8° C, and at +13…+15.

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Western wind, its strength and speed 7-12 m/s.

Осень окончательно обосновалась в Украине: синоптики представили новый прогноз

We will remind, summer is left of Ukraine, the cold snap will break even at the resorts.

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