Autumn has come – it’s time to think about the state of their flower garden.

Autumn has come – it’s time to think about the state of their flower garden.

Настала осінь – саме час задуматися про стан свого квітника.

Lily garden – a beautiful bulbous perennial. But that it pleased grower large bright flowers during the whole year we must not forget about the proper care of her, informs UkrMedia.

So, what to do with the lilies in the autumn, what kind of manipulations conducted on site? First, it is planting new plants. Secondly, transplanting lilies, which for some years already inhabit your land. Thirdly, competent autumn lilies care (watering, fertilizing, pruning) and their preparation for winter.

Let us examine these procedures more:

Planting lilies in the fall

Planting lilies in the open ground can be carried out both in spring and in autumn but the exact timing varies according to plant variety and climate of your region.

So, in the middle lane to start fall planting bulbs of lilies can be since the beginning of September and be completed in October and even in early November (in southern regions). Plant lilies before is not necessary – it is likely that in the warm soil they will start to grow, which is undesirable. But to freeze the ground to plant crops is not worth it – will not survive. Focus should fall on average daily temperature, which has to be at the border around 10 °C, not above: the bulbs are well rooted at low positive temperatures.

Bulbs the vast majority of varieties of garden lilies tolerate frosts well in the soil, and in April actively in the growth and feel even better counterparts planted in spring, are often too delicate and fragile.

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The first lilies are planted with the shortest rest period that they had time to take root before the cold weather, and then – American hybrids, most late terms can be planted unpretentious and hardy Asiatic lilies. Tubular, East and dowhatnow hybrids in our latitudes it is recommended to plant exclusively in the spring or grown in a greenhouse.

How to plant lilies in the fall? In the same way as in the spring.

First of all you should choose a healthy and quality planting material. In the autumn it is critical to planting fresh Lily bulbs, vimpani this season! Therefore, to choose or planting material grown yourself, or take it from a trusted local manufacturer. After all, those bulbs lilies in late summer you can buy in a garden shop from foreign suppliers, will clearly last year – it is better to take in February and March for spring planting. Before planting lilies note that looks like an onion.

Настала осінь – саме час задуматися про стан свого квітника.

Lily bulbs must be reasonably firm (not loose), with fresh, not dried roots, tight bottom, clean kryuchki scales and no mold smell. It should not be dry, and dark wet stains.

Place for the fall planting of lilies to prepare summer: choose a Sunny, draft-free area with loose, well-drained soil, dig it up and adopt humus. If you do it before Posada

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