Autumn cold: foods that you need to eat to get better

If you eat right during SARS, you will be able to recover faster and avoid complications.

Осіння застуда: продукти, які необхідно їсти аби скоріше одужати

Do not spare yourself that fell apart and no strength, seizing this state pies. Tune in to speedy recovery, and if you follow our advice, then the power is going to work better than the medicine, informs Rus.Media.

Sugar destroys the immune system

“Honey, any jam – it’s a huge amount of sugar, and it lowers the immune system, says physician, nephrologist, don Fugnerova. – As it happens: via sugar in the body breeds a lot of fungi-yeast microflora weakens immune defense drops, as a result, the infection progresses and can develop complications. Therefore, the advice of a cold to drink tea with honey and raspberry jam – a relic of the last century.

The first rule when sick: eliminate excess sugar. This applies not only to the honey and jam, but sweet desserts, candy. Let your diet of only sweet fruits about 400 grams per day.

Second, drink more water, even if you don’t want. The amount of clean water should be increased to not less than 0.5 liters, that is, plus the fact that you were drinking to cold. In this way, the body will be a natural detox, and blood will begin to be cleansed of viruses and bacteria. Useful to drink herbal teas without sugar. You can also prepare fruit drinks with natural berries (but again without sugar). Make sure that the water was not hot 70 degrees, otherwise the vitamins of the fruit will not remain.”

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Force yourself to eat soup and porridge

“So, when the temperature and broken condition, many lose their appetite, continues Dr. Regina. But food is also medicine. Cook secondary meat broths (when the broth after cooking the meat is drained, and then the soup takes on a new water). So you get rid of cholesterol, which was formed in rich broth, and harmful additives, which could be processed for meat production.

Secondary broths do not lose their properties and they contain extractives, which, in turn, enhances the secretory activity of the gastrointestinal tract. As a result of toxins of viruses and bacteria. And it just needed to recover.

Even if you do not want to, eat 300-400 ml of soup for lunch and dinner.

Focus on complex carbohydrates – cereals. A serving of porridge should be at least 200-250 grams. Eat as if you were healthy, 3-4 times a day. Another rule for those who don’t want to be sick for a long time. Your diet must be protein. The fact that every cell immunity is protein, and viruses and bacteria are excreted in the proteins. That is why during SARS in the body there is a sharp deficiency of protein. You can get it from meat, fish, poultry, cheese or eggs.”

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