AutoCapital to challenge the decision of the court regarding the Zaporozhye ex-dealer

"АвтоКапитал" оспорит решение суда касательно запорожского экс-дилера

OOO “AVTODOM Zaporozhye”. Photo:

The company “Avtokapital” declares that he considers the decision of the Economic court of Kyiv on satisfaction of the claim “motorhome Zaporozhye” for case No. 910/4298/18 to invalidate the termination of a dealer contract between a Private joint stock company (PJSC) “Avtokapital” and limited liability company (LLC) “motorhome Zaporozhye” on the initiative of the General representative of Mercedes-Benz in Ukraine is unjustified and intends to appeal against this decision in appellate court.
This is stated on the official web-site, the General representative of Mercedes-Benz in Ukraine, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

“The legal position of the General representative of Mercedes-Benz in Ukraine is immutable, – said General Director of “AutoCapital” Yaroslav Penetration. – All our actions have a clear legal basis, all procedures for termination of dealership contract with an ex-dealer complied with, as confirmed by representatives of Daimler AG, which, incidentally, is a party to the process, and is on the side of “AutoCapital”. In our opinion, the decision is made on the basis of value judgments, the judges, who gave their subjective evaluation of the existing relationships. We are confident that the court of appeal decision will be made on the basis of a more detailed consideration of the situation and a deep understanding of the law.”

AutoCapital and will continue to use all available judicial mechanisms to protect their rights and reputation.

Termination of dealership contract on the initiative of “AutoCapital” has been caused by gross violations of a former dealer of OOO “AVTODOM Zaporozhye” contract terms and standards of corporate ethics. In particular, the dealership did not fulfill the obligation for disclosure of the real owners throughout the year, not timely notified of changes in the ownership structure and did not provide information on the ultimate beneficiaries (the owners of individuals).

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