Learn About The X Factor Ukraine

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Talent shows have redefined the television industry across the world. It’s not surprising as these programs opened new opportunities for exceptional dreamers and an instant gateway to the stardom. What used to be a matter between the candidates and judges with the former performing and the latter giving scores has been transcended … Read more

Learn More About Volodymyr Dantes


Volodymyr Igorovich Gudkov, popularly known as Volodymyr Dantes, is a Ukrainian singer hailing from Kharkiv, Ukraine. Born on June 28, 1988, from an ordinary family, he first aspired to be a policeman to follow his father’s footsteps. As years passed, he became more interested in music and soon became a renowned musician … Read more

What a Photobomb by Dan and Angeline Mozer!


Moments are fading, time passes so quickly, which is why taking photos has become an essential part of our lives. Through pictures, we can reminisce about past events and recreate the experience and keep the memories to last. With that, we do their best to wear our biggest smiles and capture fascinating … Read more

The Early Demise of Ballet Dancer Svetlana Isakova


Ballet is one of the most elegant artistic dance forms, characterized by highly guided and clear-cut movements and steps, accentuated by music and scenery to impart an atmosphere, a theme, or a story. With its intricacies, ballet is hard, physically demanding, and entails a lifetime of unwavering training. Prime Ballet Dancer One … Read more

Olya Polyakova – Singer

Olya Yurievna Polyakova, popularly known as Olya Polyakova, is a Ukrainian singer, actress, and TV presenter. Born on January 17, 1979, she grew up in the city of Vinnytsia in the west-central part of Ukraine. Hailing from a family of medical practitioners, she was advised to follow their path and attend medical … Read more

Who is Sacha Baron Cohen?

Sacha, Baron, Cohen, Comedian,

Sacha Baron Cohen is an English actor, comedian, writer, film producer, and director. He is most renowned for his radical and satirical portrayal of fictional characters, such as Ali G, Borat, and Bruno. As a skilled performer, he instills unorthodox guises and accents in his routines, dealing with unwitting subjects, who often … Read more

Who Was Loboda in the Game of Thrones?

Loboda, Zahari, Baharov, Game of Thrones, Actor

Game of Thrones changed the television landscape when it first aired on April 17, 2011, and reached incalculable success until its conclusion on May 19, 2019. Viewers were immediately hooked to the American fantasy drama TV series, an adaptation of George R. R. Martin’s novels. Its plot was unpredictable and petrifying, and … Read more

Natasha Korolyova – Singer

Natasha, Korolyova, Singer

Natalia Vladimirovna Porivay, popularly known as Natasha Korolyova, is a pop singer, actress, and an honored artist of Russia. His father, Vladimir Arkhipovich Poryvai, spearheaded an academic choir, while her mother, Lyudmyla Poryvay was an honored artist of Ukraine, professor, and a choirmaster. Born from a family of musicians, it was no … Read more

Ksenia Sobchak – TV Personality

Ksenia, Sobchak, Anatolyevna, TV, Personality

Ksenia Anatolyevna Sobchak is one of the most renowned and brightest public figures in Russia. She is the “Jill of All Trades,” being a journalist, TV anchor, actress, socialite, and activist. Given her prominent family background and her innate inclination to the extraordinary, Sobchak is always conspicuous, always stirred interest, and her … Read more