Auberge Sous Mon Toit: beyond accommodation

manuella-tremblay-kim-dore-font(Granby) in Granby Single Resource, Auberge Sous Mon Toit offers much more than accommodation and three meals a day for men 18 to 35 years. Its counseling services are designed to a rehabilitation suit everybody. The institution organizing an open day on Tuesday.

“This is the first time I see many girls on the floor!” Launches a resident, while a group of social interveners and other environmental actors roam the corridors of the Auberge Sous Mon Toit (ASMT) . They are a hundred like Alexander to pass here every year. Aged 30 on average, those men who are experiencing difficulties of all kinds are at the ASMT listening and the tools to enter the labor market. A team of clinical staff, some specialized addiction, others in criminology, supports them in their efforts.

Auberge Sous Mon Toit is distinguished from other Granby resources since its services include the development of a customized integration plan for each resident. “A week after his arrival, he sits down with a counselor to determine the guideline of his stay. Asked what it tastes like to achieve at the Inn, as it wants to bring changes and what it is willing to do so, “says Kim Doré, clinical intervener.

For Alexander, who is about to leave after a stay of two weeks, it has already made a difference. “It’s warm, it’s friendly, it’s like a family,” he said. When he obtained his release from the penitentiary in Drummondville, the man had to find a halfway house to greet him before his transfer to Quebec. The integration plan designed for him has been beneficial. “I keep my spare time structured,” he said, adding previously it was hard to decide between leisure and responsibilities.

Accommodation amenities are open 7 days out of 7, which means that a man can call or show up in person and get a room for the night. “Unless there are no more empty beds,” says the clinical supervisor of the establishment, Manuella Tremblay. This is the Auberge contract provides a specific number of beds for non judiciarized residents. These beds can be occupied by residents judiciarized (note: under the Ministry of Public Security or the Correctional Service of Canada), and vice versa. With 20 private rooms, the hostel must refer these people to another resource.

“The resources are lacking in Granby,” says Manuella Tremblay. She named three: Le Passant, Maison Arc-En-Ciel and The Joins-Toi.

Those who manage to book their place at Auberge Sous Mon Toit can stay up to a year maximum. “For sure it is a facilitating environment” warns Kim Doré. “It’s cheaper than housing, they are not expected to buy groceries or go to the laundry room.” To prevent not ripe resident takes the other men up in need, the clinical team meets every week and assesses the situation of each.

The accompaniment to the job search and the return to school is part of the services offered. To qualify, residents must respect the code of life of the facility, for example by participating in mandatory workshops and performing household chores. A point system was also set up. “A resident who is not his job for eight weeks, for example, will lose points. But if it takes back and it made for two consecutive weeks, he will regain points. They value in there, “notes Kim Doré.

The Director General of the ASMT Derek Tremblay, bases its success rate of 99.9% on these small victories. “We have already had a guy who was 10 years in the street, he said. His goal to him, it was just sleeping on a mattress. ”

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