Attraction with people collapsed in the capital, the video fatal PE: chance escape

Аттракцион с людьми рухнул в столице, видео смертельного ЧП: шансов на спасение не было

In an amusement Park in Mexico city killed two people on a roller coaster

Two people died while riding a roller coaster at an amusement Park in Mexico city. It is reported by local media Milenio (to see the video, dockrillia the page to the end).

The incident occurred on September 29 attraction called Chimera. At high speed the last car derailed and fell from a height of about 10 meters. Killed a young woman and man.

Аттракцион с людьми рухнул в столице, видео смертельного ЧП: шансов на спасение не было

According to the local Prosecutor’s office, two women were injured and six people needed the help of psychologists.

The attraction has received regular maintenance, despite this he still failed. The government of Mexico stated that the hospital staff will provide care for the victims and families affected by the existing insurance.

Law enforcement officers began investigating the incident, the main thrust of the investigation will be on documentation of the attraction. At this time, the amusement Park was closed.

We will remind that in Odessa the ride “Bomber” flew cabin. The incident happened on Tuesday, September 24, at Arcadia Avenue. As it turned out, the ride checked before you run – it is at this point and fell off the cabin, which during rotation is restrained people. Eyewitnesses reported that the cabin would crash on people who were walking through the Alley, but fortunately nothing happened.

Аттракцион с людьми рухнул в столице, видео смертельного ЧП: шансов на спасение не было

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We have previously reported, in Odessa via dangerous swings a small child almost left without a finger. This story was told on Facebook the father of the child victim Sergey Platin.

The man says that new swing established by the candidate in the deputies. However, this structure hardly seriously crippled 9-year-old daughter of Sergei. It turns out that a metal base in the axis of the swing made so that they turned into a cutter. Girl accidentally grabbed his Board while riding the guys from the yard and the finger was cut to the bone, and the bone x-rays showed a crack.

Recall that in the amusement Park tragedy on the carousel: we know about the victims.

As reported Politeka popular entertainment for children was almost turned into tragedy in Odessa.

Also Politeka wrote that the popular attraction has claimed the life of a little girl, creepy details.