Attendance: Students urged not let go

directeur-ecole-polyvalente-arvida-yvesThe coming of good weather is synonymous with absenteeism among high school students, especially those of the last cycle. Yet the last stage of the year is the most lucrative and repeated absences may affect academic success.

School boards De La Jonquière, Rives-du-Saguenay and Lac-Saint-Jean, therefore, have joined forces to educate students, parents and employers the importance of being diligent to the very end.

There are not that hot rays that encourage students to play truant. More and more secondary five young people have a part time job. Having a job allows them to offer clothing, a cell phone plan, a driver’s license. It must be said that today’s teens consume far more than those it was 10 or 20 years. The temptation to accumulate work hours is very high, especially late in the year, when arriving the prom and, in some cases, buying a first car. Some employers also have increased needs at the dawn of the summer and it is sometimes difficult for young employees to say no.

Each year, the regional school authorities set in motion a campaign. This time, more efforts are made to reach the goal of keeping students on school benches.

“We have known more difficult times. By dint of raising awareness, parents ensure grain and some employers are also aware of the cause. But there is still a problem. The end is near and we must not lower our guard, “says Yves Larouche, Director of the Polyvalente Arvida.

Referring to the adage that it takes a village to raise a child, Yves Larouche stresses that professors and school administrators have an eye on the student attendance rate. If necessary, contingency plans are being implemented to mobilize all those who gravitate around the young. This approach has reduced considerably the number of lost time. The ECHO system, developed at the Commission scolaire des Rives-du-Saguenay, ensures that parents can consult the record of their child and make sure he does not do the fox.

“We even have cases where employers give students the night shifts. One case is one case too many. It happened when we needed to contact an employer to ask him to collaborate. They are asked to be understanding and usually they are, “says Yves Larouche.

The principal added that the graduates who received their admission to the College of confirmation often indulge end of the year because they believe the party won. Conversely, those who were refused outright throw the towel.

“Since the period from February to June is the most important as it is prescribed by the department, you can save your year. I often tell young people that it’s like an athlete running a 800 meters. He will not give up when it is so close to the finish line, “he connects.

make the right choice

History teacher at École secondaire Charles-Gravel, Marc-André Belley remember that adolescence is a crucial period and that some teens make the wrong choices. Hence the importance for parents to keep tight reins.

“Young people have financial commitments and they are much more” embedded “these days. Our role as teachers is to take them to make good choices. Parenting is extremely important and parents should try to maintain a good communication channel with their young, “emphasizes the professor.

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