Attempted Zelensky: the killer confessed, “I hired…”

Покушение на Зеленского: киллер во всем признался, "наняли..."

Police detained the man, who told about the “killing” of President Vladimir Zelensky

Suspicious male arrested in the hometown of President Krivoy Rog, conveys the “First City”.

It is reported that at night on the street reunion went drunk man, which told passers-by that he was hired to kill Zelensky.

Passers-by called the police. A drunken man was transferred is investigative-task force of the Metallurgical Department of the police.

Покушение на Зеленского: киллер во всем признался, "наняли..."

Earlier it was reported that the security of the President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelensky was under threat because of its popularity among Ukrainians and trying to control everything in the country. Such statements were made, citing a source in the SBU.

“President Zelensky need to be careful as we receive disturbing signals of his “person” and his security. We already know that many “players” on the Ukrainian political kitchen not like the lightning growth of the rating Zelensky, and attempts to tie Zelensky on all the levers of pressure on everyone in the country”, — stated in the publications.

It is noted that due to the active actions Zelensky oligarchs and “external players” lose their instruments of influence in Ukraine. In addition, many “bumps” confused the beginning of the mass purges among the Ukrainian elite.

Покушение на Зеленского: киллер во всем признался, "наняли..."

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“The source did not rule out appearing huge security risks, President of “Ukrainian case” in American elections,” said the authors.

Earlier it was reported that the press Secretary of the President of Ukraine Yulia Mendel apologized for the recent scandal with the wrong spelling of the name of the Ukrainian capital. The representative of the Vladimir Zelensky caught in the scandal, using their publication on Twitter of the “Russian” spelling of the name of the capital Kiev instead of Kyiv.

After a wave of indignation on the part of Ukrainians Mendel decided to personally comment on the incident in the same social network. She admitted his mistake and stressed that he will continue to use only the Ukrainian version.

Recall Zelensky got a chance to return the Donbas without casualties, the time has come: “beyond the Minsk agreements”.

As reported Politeka, Andrei Palchevsky revealed an unexpected truth about the fateful decision: “Zelensky framed”.

Also Politeka wrote that Lukashenko after a meeting with Zelensky received a harsh reprimand, the President said: “one In the head mess.”