Attempted Filaret: the court made a glaring sentence to the culprit

Покушение на Филарета: суд вынес вопиющий приговор виновнику

The verdict of the priest who tried to kill Filaret

Former freelance Bishop of Chernihiv and Nizhyn was accused of Shevchenkivsky court on attempted murder Filaret of the Orthodox Church of Ukraine, after. As the son entered the chambers of his Holiness and attacked his maid. For it threatens the man to pay 850 hryvnia to the injured party and 1030 to the state for the work of experts.

Покушение на Филарета: суд вынес вопиющий приговор виновнику

The attack was recognized as attempted murder, because of the tear gas the elderly Filaret could die, specified in the investigation.

“The defendant has not previously been brought to criminal responsibility, is engaged in socially useful work, has a positive characteristic by place of service and residence, was directly involved in the ATO in the Donetsk region, does not consist on the account at the psychiatrist and the psychiatrist”, — stated in the message, when deciding on the severity of the guilt of the assailant.

Note that at the end of may last year, Wozniak attacked the maid Varvara Filaret (real name Hope Shulgach) and sprayed a 90-year old nun in the face with Mace. As later told himself Sevastian, he carried Filaret of the book, and the woman started shouting that the man has no right to be in the chambers of Holiness, from which he resorted to self-defence against an elderly woman.

Earlier, the Patriarch of Kyiv and all Rus-Ukraine Filaret appealed to Ukrainians. Before the second round of presidential elections Filaret appeals to Ukrainians to remember, what price pay Ukrainian soldiers on the frontline for the country’s independence and that the election fuss is about – only makes the discord.

Покушение на Филарета: суд вынес вопиющий приговор виновнику

About it reports a press-service of the Kyivan Patriarchate: “Ukraine is going through a difficult test. At stake — its existence as a state. Moscow is the aggressor occupied part of our lands at the front killing our soldiers”, — said in the message.

Recall that Epiphanius made an important statement about the presidential election.

As reported Politeka, house of Epiphany for a few million showed Ukrainians.

Also Politeka wrote that Epiphanius urgently appealed to Ukrainians before the beginning of lent.