Attack the beer bottle: it gets leniency

1223152(Sherbrooke) Placed in a difficult position when accused of a crime implores keep his job for the well-being of her child, the court has opted for this second option, Tuesday at the courthouse Sherbrooke.

A 31 year old woman in Richmond benefited from leniency by being imposed a conditional discharge for a matter of fact armed assault and assault causing harm.

The accused had admitted throwing a beer bottle in the face of her ex-husband 15 October 2015 the bar Justin Time Richmond.

The victim in this case had been cut and still has a scar between his eyebrows a result of these actions.

The woman behind this aggression was in a state of intoxication. The next day, she had apologized and tried to dissuade the father of her child to withdraw the complaint, breaking his conditions of release.

His lawyer Christian Raymond asked the court to consider the best interests of his client who must have a clean criminal record to keep his job and provide for his 6 year old.

The victim in this case and the child’s father does not keep resentment and does not want revenge in this case.

Through the voice of the criminal attorney Me Régis Juneau-Drolet, the father expressed that he did not want their child to suffer the consequences of the actions of his mother and wished him no harm.

The Crown could not however agree to the sentencing of conditional discharge.

Conrad Chapdelaine judge of the Quebec Court noted the efforts made by the mother to overcome his addiction. He also held that the fact that she can keep her job would be child’s interest.

It has imposed a conditional discharge under probation for three years, including two years with tracking. The accused will have to follow the instructions of the probation officer, particularly the guidelines on drug abuse and violence. She will continue her medication and follow the recommendations of his doctor.

During her probation, she must perform 200 hours of compensatory work.

“I hope the situation will evolve well for you and your child,” said the judge Chapdelaine making trouble in the 31 year old woman.

Drunk at the ATM

An individual 43 years of Sherbrooke would have done better to sober home instead of go to the ATM BMO King Street on the night of Monday to Tuesday.

Witnesses noted that the individual staggered his way to the branch of BMO to conduct a cashout.

“Police officers who were in the area went to the checks. They noticed the erratic driving of the suspect as he left the parking his vehicle, “said the spokesman of the Police Service of Sherbrooke, Samuel Ducharme.

In investigations following the arrest of the driver, the police found that it was a repeat offender for driving while impaired.

Taken to the headquarters of the SPS, the individual has recorded a rate of 203 mg per 100 ml of blood more than twice the legal limit by law.

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