At what age do men cheat more often. It is connected directly with male psychology

In different ages men change with different frequency.

В якому віці чоловіки зраджують найчастіше. Це пов&#039язано безпосередньо з чоловічою психологією

For women who fear that their man is prone to campaigns “on the left” to remember that nothing just happens without a cause. Some women’s actions can push men to cheat. It is better to avoid, informs Rus.Media.

The relationship between age and treachery

There is a connection, but more important is the emotional state of men. No matter what the age was not man, he might be cheating if in a relationship unhealthy atmosphere.

Despite the large number of different conditions, age also plays a role. As it increases the person becomes smarter, it increasingly appreciates the loyalty of his wife and trying to be as faithful.

In what period of life men cheat more often

There is a simple way to find out if the husband you to change. On this indicate some important characteristics. If no obvious signs, remember that often the men go “left” in the period from 23 to 29 years. To such conclusion psychologists and scientists who have researched thousands of couples of all ages from more than 50 countries.

At this time, almost all men are most active sexually. It often happens that in a relationship everything is good, but people can not resist the temptation. At this age, to keep yourself from the opportunity to feel the warmth of another woman is almost impossible.

The second important factor is the self-sufficiency of men. In this period the majority of men becomes independent financially. For this reason, they have more freedom, more confidence, so I want all new and new victories on the love front.

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According to research, there are many men who acknowledge their physical attraction to other women, but do not change, because I really love my soulmate. Statistics show that after 45 years the probability of cheating drops dramatically. Should not intentionally look for a Mature man, hoping that he will be faithful – it is better to avoid situations that can lead to infidelity, then you will be happy with a partner at any age.

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