At the winter Olympics in 2018 to prohibit the national anthem of the Russian Federation

Officials of the IOC are considering the options of sanctions against Russia due to a doping scandal.

The international Olympic Committee (IOC) is considering penalties for Russia for doping violations, including the 2014 Olympics in Sochi, reports The New York Times, citing sources.

Officials of the IOC are considering the option of admission of the Russians at the Olympics−2018 in South Korea, provided that the national anthem of Russia will not be executed, and the Russian delegation will not take part in the opening ceremony.

Also the highest Olympic officials are considering the possibility of participation of Russian athletes under a neutral flag or neutral form.

The publication notes that the IOC is unlikely to allow Russia to participate in the Games, but can apply significant financial penalty or will not allow athletes involved in doping scandal.

It is expected that the decision on admission to the Russian team for the Games−2018 will declare IOC President Thomas Bach at a meeting in early December.

Recall, the World anti-doping Agency published a report which stated that over a thousand Russian athletes in nearly 30 Olympic and Paralympic sports used doping program.

The experts confirmed the substitution of doping tests Russian athletes at the Olympic games in Sochi in 2014.

IOC: Russia punished for doping at the Olympics

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