At the University “Ukraine” has declared about raider seizure of the University buildings (VIDEO)

В университете "Украина" заявили о рейдерском захвате зданий вуза (ВИДЕО)

7 Aug unknown, calling the new owners seized the building of the Open international University of human development “Ukraine”. Incident attributed to the fact that the debt of the University in front of the now-defunct Bank “Khreschatyk”, taken for the construction of the buildings of the place passed to OOO “Financial company “Factor plus”. But since the decision to public auction, about the transfer of the debt was canceled in a similar engagement, according to the lawyers, for no reason.

About this KV was known from the program “STN” on TV channel “Kyiv TB”, which was released on 9 August 2018

It is reported that on August 7th Open international University of human development “Ukraine” (*) has suspended its activities and the work of admissions as a result of seizure of buildings by new owners.

According to the Director of the Institute of Philology and mass communications of University “Ukraine” Natalia Barns, the school was approached by four buses which left about 70 young people of a sports Constitution. They put all the people on the street and barricaded himself inside. The situation are unable to solve even the militiamen who have arrived on the scene.

“Came a new owner, it was presented that there is a new company that bought out the first building, because the University “Ukraine” these three buildings were built for the loan, and the Bank “Khreschatyk”, which no longer exists today, was the main lender” — said Natalia Barna.

The author of the story notes that the school has issued a loan of 97 million, returned 150 million still existing to the Bank, but “somehow 46 million remained due”. The assets of the Bank collateral have been realized through the auction, they claimed the three companies, but the debt of University place passed to OOO “Financial company “Factor plus” (**).

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“They bought (“the plus Factor” — KV), and those were not even admitted to trading. We began to fight. Because it was a gross violation, the District administrative court of Kiev cancelled the decision of the Deposit guarantee Fund of individuals ‘ deposits (***) 6.07.17 years and ordered him to take the decision to cancel the open of trading,” — said the President of the University “Ukraine” Petro Talanchuk (pictured).

Fund for guaranteeing deposits of natural persons have filed the appeal and now the case is pending in the Supreme court. The lawyers also claim that the building of the institution unknown captured wrongly.

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