At the races in Switzerland, Lamborghini did not fit into the turn and rolled onto the roof

In the Swiss Alps too cocky driver, not vpisalis in turn, smashed the Lamborghini cost more than $260 thousand.

На перегонах у Швейцарії Lamborghini, не вписалася в поворот і перевернулася на дах

In the stunning video below shows how during the race in the Swiss Alps expensive Lamborghini, not being normally in a turn, flipped onto the roof, informs Rus.Media.

The footage, shot one of the spectators watching the races, the Swiss Alpine Rally, you can see beautiful mountain scenery and the winding road that sweeps Lamborghini Galladro worth more than 260 thousand U.S. dollars. The driver machines are not cheap, apparently, very confident in his abilities, tries to make the entrance to turn the pin as fast as possible, forgetting about technique and safety.

Going through a difficult turn, the driver of the black luxury car well dropped speed, but not having normal until the end to level the car, he suddenly presses the gas pedal to accelerate.

The actions of the driver lead to the fact that Lambo begins to leave the road in different directions, then diogene car crashes on the grass lawn and making a turn, due to the elevation, flipped on the roof, vikucis on the roadway.

From the video, hear the witnesses of the accident immediately with their loud sighs to demonstrate how they are surprised by what happened, and then some of them fall off their seats towards the disaster to help the driver, or to inspect the scene of the accident closer.

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