At the Investment forum in Kyiv to discuss the possibilities for development of creative potential of the region

На Инвестиционном форуме города Киева обсудят возможности для развития творческого потенциала региона

The development of ultra-modern metropolis of Kiev Metropolitan area – the main theme of the Investment forum in Kyiv, which will be held on September 17, 2019 at Mystetskyi Arsenal

Considerable attention will be given to the art building and the art portion as an important component of the tourist attractiveness and, therefore, economic growth in the region, according to investinkyiv.

In the framework of the artistic part of the event will be an exhibition of works by artists who were the real breakers of the modern Ukrainian art in the world. Sergey Svyatchenko, Yana Bystrova, Marina Skugareva, Roman Minin, Arsen Savadov, Anatoliy Krivolap, Vinny Reunov, Alexander Roitburd, Vasily Tsagolov, Oleg Tistol, Stepan Ryabchenko, Yuriy Solomko and Victor Sidorenko. Most of them representatives of the Kiev school.

The curator of the art portion will perform famous Ukrainian art dealer Igor Abramovich. According to him, in Ukraine there is a rapid rise of contemporary art. This is one of the few competitive industries in the country, a high level of achievement which has been repeatedly confirmed by the international community. This is evidenced by the regular participation of Ukrainian artists in the prestigious world auctions, the presence of Ukrainian works in the expositions of the leading exhibition centres and museums, etc.

“At the same time as any area that is rapidly developing, the art requires a constant influx of new ideas from a concerned community. Promoting the development of contemporary native art is an important step towards global integration and the presentation of Ukraine as a state and Kiev region as a region with great cultural and social potential”, — said Abramovich.

Artistic events can be a real “tourist magnet”. International and Ukrainian experts will present on the forum his vision of the cultural potential of Kyiv region.

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“The cultural attraction of Kiev is undeniable, but competition between cities intensifies. One of the goals of the greater Kiev is the simplification of access to cultural facilities for all residents of the region. Strategy of cultural development must be multi-polar and based on two key assumptions: ensuring the best availability of large symbolic cultural sites and recovery of cultural objects,” comments Olivier védrine, the French political scientist and President of the Academy of global transformations in Kiev.