At the chemical plant “Polyplast” in the Leningrad region there was an explosion, there are victims. PHOTOS, VIDEOS

A powerful explosion occurred in the territory of a chemical plant located in the Leningrad region. We are talking about the plant “Piper”, which is the town of Kingisepp and specializiruetsya in the production of chemical additives added to concrete and used in cement and gypsum industry.

The incident took place this afternoon. As seen on video footage, showing the moment of the explosion, first in the air over the enterprise escaped the pillar of fire, and then into the sky belched clouds of thick gray smoke.

As reported “Interfax” with reference to data collected in a regional emergency services after the explosion in Kingisepp collapsed part of the plant for production of chemical additives. The total area of collapse is approximately 50 sq m. in addition, the explosion provoked the outbreak of a fire, according to reports, at present already localized, but it did complicate the rubble.

It is also reported that in the result of incident three persons suffered. The REN TV channel has information about the four injured in the explosion.

But what exploded on the territory of LLC “Polyplast North-West” is not precisely known. Some publications say that it allegedly is on the gas explosion, at the time, as others report that a chemical plant blew up barrels of fuel and oil mixture.

Whatever it was, witnesses reported a powerful blast wave. When “Piper” was a blast, the locals initially thought the earthquake began.

A selection of videos from the place of incident published in the community, “Peter Decides” the social network “Vkontakte”. Further details of the incident are being investigated.

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Note that while the rescue possible threat of chemical contamination to deny, as the probability of harmful emissions into the atmosphere.

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