At Pskov, on the road P-23 5 Dec faced KAMAZ and passenger bus. PHOTOS, VIDEOS

The accident happened at Pskov in the afternoon on Wednesday, December 5 2018 – faced truck and a passenger bus.

As you know, the accident occurred on the highway St. Petersburg – Nevel in the Pskov region.

Around 14:20 Moscow time on the 239-kilometer road in strugokrasnenskiy district of the Pskov region near the village Builder has faced passenger bus, which was flying from Petersburg to Moldova, and KAMAZ truck.

About it the representatives of the media told in a press-service regional UMVD.

At the moment of collision in the bus there were fourteen passengers, of whom three injured. Also injured and both drivers of the vehicles.

The victims, including a pregnant woman, were hospitalized in medical institution for rendering necessary assistance.

At the moment the causes of the accident, which occurred near Pskov on 5 December, is still unknown. Law enforcement officers establish all the causes and circumstances of the accident, an inspection is carried out.

Meanwhile, the Network appeared the first photos and video from the scene of the accident, which occurred on 239-m kilometer of the highway St. Petersburg – Nevel.

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