Astrophysics of Moscow state University the first in the world watched the shrinking of a white dwarf

Astrophysics, working at the Observatory of Moscow state University, together with colleagues from Italy, the world’s first observed the compression of a white dwarf. Previously, the process was assumed only theoretically.

White dwarfs are called compact “burned out” star. This shrinking space the object was found in the constellation of the Stern.

Scientists believe that the compression of white dwarfs is due to a gradual cooling. Calculations show that over the first million years, the radius of these bodies can become smaller by several hundred kilometers.

Previously to confirm such an assumption was difficult, as the age of the known white dwarfs is much larger. Astrophysicists MSU failed detection of a new object from the Earth at a distance 2 thousand light years.

Its age is estimated at 2 million years. The rotation period of the newly discovered white dwarf only 13 seconds. As the cosmic body of relatively small size, it is compressed for the year approximately one centimeter.

Discovery in the depths of the Universe were able to detect due to the fact that the dwarf was “glowing” in the next star and, thus, it is not to be influenced by either his movement or compression.

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