Associated with Gontareva, the Bank is on the verge of collapse, deposits fell by 95%: details

Связанный с Гонтаревой банк на грани краха, вклады упали на 95%: подробности

In the Bank associated with the former head of the NBU Valeria Gontareva, the volume of deposits of natural persons fell by 95.5%

Catastrophic landslide deposits occurred in the Bank “Avangard” controlled group ICU. About this site said the famous Ukrainian blogger Alex Komaha.

According to him, the volume of deposits declined from 90 million UAH on 1.01.2019 y to UAH 4 million for 1.10.2019 g or at 95.5%. At the same time, the amount of possible compensation to depositors of the Fund on the contrary has increased from 2,1 to 2,4 million UAH.

The expert suggested that the Bank is preparing for liquidation. Its main shareholders are Makar Pasenyuk and Konstantin Stetsenko.

The Bank is included into group of companies “ICU” which co-owner as the Bank, was formerly Valeria Gontareva. The state office of public Prosecutor suspects the official and the group’s management in money laundering by Viktor Yanukovych and his associates.

Связанный с Гонтаревой банк на грани краха, вклады упали на 95%: подробности

We will remind, earlier it was reported that since the beginning of autumn in the pockets of Ukrainians hit inflation after a three-month decline in prices in the summer.

In September all rose on average by 0.7%.

Most prices have soared on clothing and footwear: per month, respectively, 7.5% and 10.4%.

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Next comes education and food basket. It is more by 0.7% compared to August.

Also, according to analysts, the most expensive for the Ukrainians hit utilities, travel and training.

Economists say that the fall price rise is traditional, as in the summer inflation slowed decrease in the cost of vegetables and fruits that have a significant share in the structure of expenditures of the Ukrainians.

Связанный с Гонтаревой банк на грани краха, вклады упали на 95%: подробности

“The revaluation of the hryvnia seriously “braked” the rise in prices, which traditionally begins with the beginning of autumn, after years of deflation, says economist Ivan Nikitchenko. – Therefore, the year-on-year rate of inflation declined from 8.8% to 7.5%. Until the end of the year inflation will decrease, reaching 6.5% and perhaps 6%”.

Recall, PrivatBank accused of extortion of money, this scandal it wasn’t: “I demand a rollback.”

As reported Politeka, the national Bank has frozen the dollar: what will happen to the exchange rate on output.

Also Politeka wrote that PrivatBank has made an important statement after a catastrophic failure: “the money is not returned”.