Associate Doroshenko shot! All of the details. “In front of everyone”

Cоратника Gорошенко расстреляли! Все подробности. "На глазах у всех"

MP from the faction of the BPP Alexander Urbansky received a gunshot wound in the leg

It happened the evening of may 7 during the conflict in the hotel “Hutorok Zina” in the Odessa region, according to “Country”.

The first was allegedly in an alcohol intoxication, has offended the wife of Urban, and then fired twice. The Deputy was sober.

Cоратника Gорошенко расстреляли! Все подробности. "На глазах у всех"

Note Sanzhiika is a resort village near Odessa. There the family Urban is giving.

We will remind, on April 13 it became known about the daring attack on the Ambassador of Ukraine Natalia Galibarenko in the British capital.

Witnesses say the attacker rammed an official car with a Ukrainian diplomat a few times. It happened in London’s Holland Park right outside the Embassy building at about 7 am.

Assailant before the incident more than one hour waited in the car, including loud Ukrainian music. A resident of the district Darcy Mercier said that a car with a man staying at the Embassy around 7 am. There came a loud sound. The quieter the driver said that he did it “for the Ukrainian Embassy.” Another Briton, confirmed: 7:30 from the parked Mercedes a few hours sounded loud music.

Earlier, British media wrote that during the incident, the police opened fire. They noticed ugrozu the Ambassador of Ukraine and found no other way to stop the attacker. This was reported in the press service of the Ukrainian Embassy.

Cоратника Gорошенко расстреляли! Все подробности. "На глазах у всех"

It is unknown whether the assailant had any wounds. Law enforcement officers detained the driver of the Mercedes. They find out the identity and motives of the suspect. Diplomats stressed that the earlier the Embassy had received no threats. At the moment all Ukrainian diplomats are safe. But after the shooting, the Embassy in London for a few hours not worked.

We will remind, Komarov attacked with a weapon: “covered in blood”, the video of the attack .

As reported Politeka, a priest attacked with a knife during the service: the brutal attack was caught on video.

Politeka also wrote that the foreign Minister attacked: all the details.