Assistant Zelensky attacked the journalist: “just Tin”

Помощница Зеленского набросилась на журналиста: «Жесть просто»

Assistant and press Secretary of President Vladimir Zelensky Julia Mendel was surprised by the reaction to the attempt of the journalist to ask the question of the guarantor

This was reported by journalist Michael weaver in Facebook.

“Can anyone tell me in what civilized country of the world press Secretary President allows himself such at the moment when the journalist wants to ask a question first persons! This is called?! Freedom of speech?! You are there in the US about the new country you say now? Well, here are a couple of screenshots from the “new country,” he said.

Помощница Зеленского набросилась на журналиста: «Жесть просто» Помощница Зеленского набросилась на журналиста: «Жесть просто»

The published photo shows how Mendel’s trying to divert from the President of the journalists of “Radio Liberty” Sergey Andrushko. It caused a violent reaction on the part of users.

“Just tin”, “Tsegolko when such was not”, “into the breach”, “maybe Mendel fell in love with Andrushko?”, “savages,” they write.

As previously reported, the press Secretary of President Vladimir Zelensky, Yulia Mendel broke up with a man from work.

Помощница Зеленского набросилась на журналиста: «Жесть просто»

“Recently, they (relationship) fell apart. This happened because the schedule of the press Secretary did not fit into this man’s idea of what should be the relationship. For example, you Wake up, eat Breakfast or go to some croisant, there are some a full weekend, can pay the person the whole day. At my work that can’t be,” she explained.

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According to the press Secretary of the President, at her work, there are times when you need to write the text in the middle of the night and in the day can cause in the OP.

Помощница Зеленского набросилась на журналиста: «Жесть просто»

“I like this job: I can see that I have the energy to do it, I like to work with information. Understand what information can carry a lot of what changes society and changes the approach to the presidency, changes the image of the President, and my Office in General. But together it was a lot of offense, we tried for some time to be together, but did not survive. After Dating for a year”, – said the press-Secretary Zelensky.

Помощница Зеленского набросилась на журналиста: «Жесть просто»

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