Assaulted on the highway, Thibault Kuro (Marseille) is doing well – Here

It is a real tragedy that could occur this weekend. While he was at the wheel of his car, Thibault Kuro was the victim of a very bad joke.

When he first announced his break-up with Shanna Kress last February, Thibault Kuro drew the wrath of his fans who followed their adventures since already 4 years old. It’d add a layer with her new sweetheart, Jessica Thivenin, she also freshly separated from Nikola Lozina. Very present on social networks, the beautiful Marseille now shares his daily life on Snapchat on the side of her beautiful.

But this Sunday the 12th of November, this is not the couple he had chosen to put forward. Thibault Kuro was visiting his grandmother for him to try his new car when he was the target of an attack that could well have cost him his life. “It comes to me getting something on the highway ! A few young people who were in a car in front of me, on the way to the left, I have launched a kind of lamp or something with the glass to puncture my wheels. But in fact, you would have been able to make me burst all short, ” he explained in his story Snapchat.

Still in shock, he continued : “At worst, if you love me, the better it is that you’re not really calculated, but avoids killing me, I still have a few years to live. “The fans can rest assured that, if Thibault is still here to tell its setbacks, it is that all ended well. Him who had promised to stop the reality tv for professional reasons, it might well have disappeared from our screens for good…

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