As Ukrainians finally to change mobile operator without changing number

Как украинцам наконец поменять мобильного оператора без смены номера

Of neccessaty (NCRC) launched the implementation in Ukraine of the long-awaited MNP is the ability for the subscribers to change the operator without changing mobile number. By its resolution No. 413, the regulator approved the terms of measures for implementation of this service in mobile networks.

As told the press service of the regulator, now the document is on approval in the Cabinet. According to their forecasts, to endorse a decision in the next few days.

The date of commercial launch services for the transfer of subscriber numbers, in case of successful testing, assigned to may 1, 2019.

The operators promise to make

The launch of MNP was discussed for many years. However, not all operators of the “big three” today ready for her run. NCCIR approved the plan consists of more than 20 points, which reflect technical, organizational and commercial activity of all stakeholders.

“Technically, the project is complex and requires changes to all IT systems and most of the processes of the company. But we will do everything possible to meet deadlines set by the regulator. We are interested in the fact that the mobile subscribers who want to upgrade our network with preservation of the rooms, could do it as quickly as possible” — said in Kyivstar.

But in the Ukraine Vodafone assured us that the introduction of MNP is almost ready, as organizationally and technologically. The operator has already invested a lot of money in the development of services, and spent almost all work on adapting their operating systems to run services.

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“The only thing that, until recently, hindered the process is the selection of a contractor for the Ukrainian state center of radio frequencies (UCRF) for creating and administering a Central database of ported numbers. As far as we know, this issue has been resolved, and UCRF was only to buy a piece of equipment. After that, we will receive specifications from the administrator, conduct the testing and start the service”, — told to Vodafone Ukraine.

Subscriber need to register

The cost of “transition services” to determine “the host” new subscriber by the operator. Most likely, the price will be symbolic, and perhaps to charge and it will not be to hedge for decided to go over to you the customer is controversial. Especially in the period of mass outflow of clients abroad to work or permanent residence.

“The cost will depend on rates that the administrator has established a Central database on services of transfer. Provides that the fee for number porting can only take the operator to which the subscriber transferred. We want to provide subscribers the most comfortable conditions of transition, so the company has no plans to establish an additional Commission for the transfer of numbers”, — assured us in Kyivstar.

In this way, customers will not be confused on whose network they are calling – in the terms of service clearly described the mechanism of prior notification of subscribers calling to the ported number, the terms of service and billing for this number.

The only condition for MNP – man will need to register. Contract customers do not need to be. But prepaid customers who want to transfer a number to another operator will need to register either online or at the store operator by providing identity documents.

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The transfer, in accordance with the existing procedure should not take more than 3 days. But, as assured to us by the operators themselves, they will try to reduce this period to a minimum, that the subscriber did not feel any discomfort associated with the transition.

“Man applies for a transfer. Then the operator to which it wants to go, informs the operator donor and the database administrator that there is such a statement, verifies all information and if the check is successful, inform the user that his number transferred to the new operator. Simultaneously, data is transferred to the database administrator, where a number is already counted as a subscriber of another operator. The lag time will be minimal – no longer than the time for the replacement SIM card in store”, — he noticed to Vodafone Ukraine.

As assured us mobile operators, tariffs the new service will not be affected.

Good spoon for dinner

According to experts, out of millions of active mobile subscribers, really want to change their operator for a new thinking of a few tens of thousands. Given the total number of clients of mobile operators is quite modest value.

“No more than 2-3% of subscribers use this service. If MNP is earned early, the flow, perhaps it would be more global. And so, in the face of fierce competition, when the average spending on mobile communication networks of operators “the big three” are about the same, expect any global change is not necessary”, — said in a conversation with Telecom expert Roman Khimich.

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As noted in a conversation with our Gagadget co-founder Sergey Mityaev, most of the churn is to be feared Kyivstar and Vodafone. Their clients will try to entice a lover of hard marketing lifecell. But, again, it is unlikely that the migration will be massive.

To compete for new subscribers can try and Intertelecom. But the prospects for the latter is even more vague, experts say.

“The main obstacle will be the need to purchase a new terminal that supports the CDMA standard”, — concluded the chemical.


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