As the raider and the owner of a Ferrari for $400 thousand Sergey Maisel will drag Klitschko to the bottom of the election

Как рейдер и обладатель Феррари за $400 тысяч Сергей Майзель будет тянуть Кличко ко дну на выборах

The mayor of Kiev Vitali Klitschko must make a significant public flogging and to renounce such a character as Sergei Meisel, to somehow be cleansed of odious people in their environment on the eve of the elections in the capital

About it reports “Voice.”

Team Klitschko, a show of confidence says about the readiness to go to the polls. However, personnel in the team of the mayor causing a huge number of questions. A vivid example is Sergey Maisel, the former head of KP “Kyivpastrans”, which was remembered by various corruption scandals and the fact that is the owner of a red Ferrari for 400 thousand dollars.

The media wrote that in 2015, a company with offshore roots LLC “Infotrans” with the filing if not received a “gift” in the form of half a hectare of land in Kiev (near the Nikolskaya Slobodka). In the so-called “gift” came in the room and dispatcher station “Kyivpastrans.”

Accused him and the raiders. The staff of the municipal enterprise “Vatutinskyi” sent an appeal to the Kiev city administration, in which he told of the attempts if not to seize the enterprise.

Also it is worth reminding about the history of diploma if not. He allegedly received a diploma in Ivano-Frankivsk University, but the University told reporters that this diploma is issued. After the request of the journalists in the KSCA Sergei if not quickly dismissed. Now he took the Prosecutor’s office, began an investigation. How could a man with such crimes may remain a member? Klitschko had to give him a public flogging demonstration and to disown such criminal.

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Moreover, the Prosecutor’s office recently handed over the suspect to Go about his schemes while working the head of Department transport infrastructure. Supposedly for 2016-2019 years, officials turned a blind eye to illegal routes slighted recalcitrant carriers to pick up their route and give it to the “affiliated carriers”. This, according to preliminary data, the capital budget was damaged in the amount of about 7.5 million.

After the presidential elections, Maisel decided to “mimic” and began to collect “cache” with the owners of kiosks on troyeschina, under the guise of the new government. The media wrote about the fact that every month he goes into the pocket of 3 million hryvnia. According to businessmen, Maisel argues that he was allegedly authorized by the head of the Office of the President Andriy Bogdan. After you receive this information in late August was followed by an immediate reaction from Bogdan: “Guys, this “shit” has nothing to do with me. Please write an application to the NEB or break kicked”.

Why Meisel so insolent? The fact that no one ever checked. And he has always enjoyed and now insolent at all. For Klitschko, it was right to give him a total check and get away from this “hell”…