As the candidates selected in the Servant of the people: the President was struck by the truth

Как отбирались кандидаты в Слугу народа: у президента поразили правдой

The head of the headquarters of the party of the President Servants of the people, Alexander Kornienko told how recruited candidates in political force

According to him, the first ten of the party were selected with the “media” candidate. He added that the lists of the political forces were not formed by any algorithm, passes the Censor.NO.

“You can ask Dmitry (head of the party Dmitry Razumkov, ed.), it will say that when we began to form a list, we sat down and straight away head to 50-70 names jotted down. The rest, Yes, it was a question, because you had to look, to investigate, to interview, to ask,” said Kornienko.

Как отбирались кандидаты в Слугу народа: у президента поразили правдой

The question, really only in the electoral process, it became clear that we need 200 people to the list, he replied that “we’re in the process come to this”.

Earlier, the party submitted to the Central election Commission 199 candidates in single-member districts.

Early elections would be held on July 21.

Razumkov called the main difference between “public Servants” from other parties:

“In our list of no former or current MPs. And in this sense we are unique. In these elections, this is not in the history of Ukraine, I think, was not there”.

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“We would like to bring into Parliament people who would be new. Yes, they may not be such a deep knowledge of the work of Parliament, but that they learn quickly. But most importantly, they have not learned to make the laws, engage in corruption, to engage in political corruption, and many other things that take place in this Parliament”, – said the head of the party.

Как отбирались кандидаты в Слугу народа: у президента поразили правдой

Also Razumkov noted that in the presence of the confirmed information about the unreliability of candidates that may ruin the reputation of the party, such people will be excluded from the list. By law, the list can be cleaned before 8 July.

“…we have the legislation there is the opportunity to July 8 to withdraw certain candidates. We will do 6 numbers. If we some people made mistakes, we will correct them. And no one had the desire to tell you that my two deputies, and then I paid, I remind you – we won’t tolereate corruption in Parliament. If you have evidence to law enforcement of criminal activity, I would not care this is my Deputy or someone else, may attract liability. Plus, we remove parliamentary immunity and I really want to vote a law to revoke the people’s Deputy” – promises Dmitry Razumkov.

We will remind, “the Voice” Vakarchuk was stunned by the offer, “the Servant of the people”.

As reported Politeka, the showman of the Servants dragged the family to the elections to the Parliament.

Also Рoliteka wrote that Parliament will decide the fate Klimkin after a conflict with Zelensky.