As not to harm health hand hygiene: the truth about wipes and antiseptics

Как не навредить здоровью гигиеной рук: правда о влажных салфетках и антисептиках

Health can hurt, if you do not observe the rules of hygiene of hands

Through dirty hands passed many diseases, intestinal infections and influenza. And if you touch the dirty hands of the person — problems can arise with the skin. About this in Facebook wrote acting Minister of health Suprun, Recalling that today is world clean hands day.

According to the doctor, and keep your hands clean, just soap and water. Bacteria can become resistant to that than they kill. In particular antiseptics kill not only the bad but also the good bacteria that live on our skin and useful for us. The more you use soap with triclosan which has an antibacterial effect, the more it becomes in the hands of triclosan resistant bacteria.

Как не навредить здоровью гигиеной рук: правда о влажных салфетках и антисептиках

“Moreover, some antiseptics are toxic not only to bacteria but also to people. They can even affect the hormonal system — triclosan has estrogen-like effect. Besides antiseptic sprays do not eliminate dirt. This is a good commercial move, which forces people to buy a variety of tools that are supposedly able to kill bacteria and to fully replace water and soap. Against flu virus antibacterial wipes also don’t have power,” adds the doctor.

Don’t forget to wash your hands be sure to:

— after returning home from the street;

— before, during and after cooking;

— before and after patient care;

— after you cough, sneeze, blowing nose,

— after visiting the toilet;

— after contact with animals.

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“Washing hands just water without soap and wiping is not effective. Soap and foam help to wash away dirt and germs,” says Suprun.

To wipe hands after washing is also very important. Because the bacteria on wet hands, too, spread and even transmitted faster. Therefore hand drying is an integral step in the process of washing hands, which cannot be neglected.

“If there is no possibility to wash hands with soap and water — choose just a moist towelette, antiseptic without. And in order to protect yourself from bacteria, for example, during walks in nature — keep ready pharmacy antiseptic — chlorhexidine or tincture of calendula,” explains the medic.

Как не навредить здоровью гигиеной рук: правда о влажных салфетках и антисептиках

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