“As in Europe”: Zelensky will give Ukrainians a new document

"Как в Европе": Зеленский выдаст украинцам новый документ

The winner of the presidential elections, Vladimir Zelensky proposed a new project that will provide citizens of Ukraine with new passports

The newly minted politician and a team of “public Servants” published his presidential program. Among the important issues for Ukrainians Vladimir Zelensky allocated social conditions. He said the new reform, which aims to improve the lives of many categories of the population.

In the framework of the social project, the future President promised to impose so-called economic passport of Ukraine. The new document will affect workers, students and pensioners. These already operate in some European countries.

"Как в Европе": Зеленский выдаст украинцам новый документ

It will allow you to control expenses and attract every Ukrainian economic life and the most important thing. The team showman assumed that EPU will motivate Ukrainians to return from Poland, the Czech Republic. Having such a document, citizens can complain about illegal use of the budget by civil servants.

“For example, the deforestation in the Carpathians. Even if you live in Kiev, why not “rein in” local leader in the Western Ukraine, who pulled out of your pocket taxes paid and the roof of the illegal business?” says in the program.

"Как в Европе": Зеленский выдаст украинцам новый документ

Economic passport also provides for the accumulated Fund. Unlike the Ministry for social policy, Vladimir Zelensky suggested a new concept. He plans to create the project “Country of dreams”, and in it a Fund with the working title “the next generation”. Every Ukrainian will make a certain amount without a right of withdrawal until the child reaches the age of 18. The state accepts the obligation to protect these funds.

Meanwhile, from July 1, to obtain a passport in Ukraine will become much more complicated. The cost of recovering a lost document in the form of an ID card will increase from 87 to 126 USD in the production of up to 20 working days, and from 174 to 252 USD in the production of up to 10 days. And the cost of passports will increase from 253 to 352 USD in the production of up to 20 working days, with up to 704 506 hryvnia in the manufacture of up to 7 days up to 3 days.

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