As diabetes to obscure: the recommendations of the doctors

Как диабет сделать незаметным: рекомендации врачей

Symptoms of diabetes of the second type is hardly visible, if you follow the recommendations of doctors

Millions of people worldwide suffer from type II diabetes, which is considered an incurable disease. But there are several ways to reverse its symptoms.

You need to eat healthy snacks, as advised by many doctors. In particular, from sweet and lots of carbohydrates should be given up, because these products lead to sharp spikes in blood sugar levels.

Как диабет сделать незаметным: рекомендации врачей

That is why one category of snacks must come the other. For example, cheese, yogurt, nuts and olives — all this is a wonderful choice for people who want to have a bite between meals. Also this task will help to cope with some fresh fruit and vegetables, but only strive to ensure that the content of fructose in them was not very high.

In diabetes the second type it is better to limit the consumption of alcoholic beverages, especially on the eve of the long festive season. Excessive alcohol consumption increases the risk of exacerbations of symptoms of diabetes and simply the onset of this disease, because the alcohol a lot of calories.

Be sure to watch how much alcohol you drink. Remember that alcoholic drinks like beer, wine, cider or ale may contain sugar and carbohydrates. Completely abandon alcoholic beverages can be hard, but is quite capable in some evening to have just one glass of wine.
Как диабет сделать незаметным: рекомендации врачей
Finally, victims of type II diabetes are encouraged to move, devoting loads of at least 150 minutes weekly. In General, intense exercise can actually reverse the progression of diabetes is reversed, and in some cases they remove diabetics with insulin. But even moderate exercise works to regulate blood sugar levels and increase the body’s sensitivity to insulin. If the lunch break is released a day at least an hour, then dedicate 20 minutes out of the hour walking. Climb and go down stairs do not use Elevator, walk.

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