As cabbage protects the bowel from cancer

Как капуста защищает кишечник от рака

The development of cancer is closely linked to nutrition. Numerous studies show that the more intake of foods with antioxidants, the higher the body’s resistance to the formation of free radicals, precursors to cancer

Cabbage, kohlrabi and broccoli containingt substances, normalizing intestinal flora and protects it from the appearance in it of germs that promote the development of cancer rectal and colon.

Как капуста защищает кишечник от рака

“This is a big reason for optimism. We are unlikely to change the genetic factors contributing to cancer. On the other hand, we can lower their impact by going on a diet with the right amount of vegetables,” says Stockinger gitta (Gitta Stockinger) from the Institute of Francis Crick, London (UK).

In recent years, scientists have discovered several types of microbes that are directly involved or statistically associated with cancer development in humans, other animals or plant tissues.

Stokinger and her colleagues figured out how you can protect the intestine from the development of such forms of cancer by studying how various substances contained in food, affect the cells of most of the digestive system and on the species composition of its microflora.

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Как капуста защищает кишечник от рака

Experimenting on mice, biologists discovered that I3C is a substance that is present in large quantities in cabbage, broccoli and kohlrabi, slowed the development of existing tumors and protect healthy rodents from colon cancer. In addition to this, this compound reduced the level of inflammation and normalize the microflora.

Recall, scientists will be able to diagnose cancers at early stages with the help of wire. Scientists from Stanford University have developed an experimental system of early diagnostics of oncological diseases. The iron nanoparticles will be possible to “catch” circulating tumor cells (CTCS). Previously this method the scientists used for the treatment and prevention of cancer. The nanoparticles attached to antibodies to the protein EpCAM in normal healthy human blood it does not, but they are present in all circulating tumor cells.

As reported Politeka that a reason to eliminate easy: scientists have made a breakthrough in the fight against cancer. American scientists conducted a study, which will help to eliminate the causes of cancer. So, scientists have discovered an unusually long strands of RNA that contribute to the uncontrolled multiplication of cancer cells. It is reported that these molecules, containing typically about 20 nucleotides, carry no information about the amino acid sequence of proteins and are called long non-coding RNA (lncRNA).

Politeka also wrote about what became known cause cancer: women need to be afraid of.