As a sink can hurt the car

It would seem, as washing may harm the car?

Як мийка може нашкодити автомобілю

As you know, a clean car is a nice car! However, washing the car, especially in winter – is not an innocuous procedure that can accelerate the death of your iron friend and lead to a variety of technical problems. Disclose the secrets of high-quality wash and expose the important details of this, at first glance, a simple action, informs Rus.Media.

It would seem, as washing may harm the car? Water, rags, active foam, and the water pressure are all tools of the washer, not the ability to do metal, glass and plastic serious “injury.” This statement is precisely the danger: that during washing the paintwork is covered by a web of small scratches, damaged paint, also caused damage to many other components of the machine. Will investigate this more.

Why sink spoils the paintwork

During the washing of the body and the car Windows all surfaces are exposed to mechanical stress. Pollutants in turn act as abrasives-they are physically scratching the coating and chemically affect the paintwork. By and large, it doesn’t matter who runs the wash – soulless automatic complex with many brushes, or cleaning with “Karcher”. The procedure fundamentally remains the same – sand and dust doing their job. The only difference is how and when exactly is the effect of harmful substances on the body and its protective layers.

Automatic washing

Mechanical “showers”, is popular in Europe, but did not find serious recognition in the vastness of the Fatherland, clean the car horizontal and vertical rotating brushes. The human factor in the case of them completely eliminated, and the harmful effects on the body – a bit. With regular use of this type of sinks stably and quickly leads to clouding of the lacquer and fills deep risks on the paint, allowing moisture and reagents freely penetrate into the interior of the coating. Particularly affected by the gross impact of the brush body with sharp edges in such places LKP thins especially fast. Do not spare kits and automatic external radio antenna: motorists who forgot to remove them before the procedure, often deprived of these inexpensive but useful components.

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Touchless car wash

Popular touchless car wash looks at the background automatically is hardly a panacea – it does not use any brushes, mechanical effects on the car body, like, no. A specially trained person watering car foams-washings, and goes in circles without touching the body. It would seem to damage the varnish and paint this method is simply impossible. And again wrong! No brushes with this method of washing is really not used, but their role has successfully fulfilled the water under powerful pressure puts the dirt into the paintwork, causing the same “injury.”

Secret damage during non-contact method of washing is simple: to save time cleaners are flagrantly disregard the technology and release one or more stages – “forget” to pre-wash the pollutants do not wait until the cleaning foam will dissolve, or not waiting until the foam settles, you begin to smear the dirt sponges.

Remember, this car should always be carried out in two stages! The first is the pre-wash, during which there is a partial removal of dirt in “gentle” mode, and the second body is completely freed from static impurities, and then dried or wiped with a special fabric.

Dangerous water

Speaking of the water! Cleaning “Karcher” blows her under a huge pressure with which you need to be very careful not to damage delicate parts and not knock down the paint in the area of the wheel arches, the other “problem” areas. That’s where the paint “tired” faster and powerful onslaught only worsens the situation.

Blown water and other trouble spots in the cracks of the door locks and under seals and plastic shields, brake calipers and even under the rubber seals of the suspension, transmission and steering.

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Especially dangerous touchless car wash in winter when the bodywork and paintwork are the strongest thermal stress: after the “hot” wash, the paint shrinks unevenly, microcracks gradually grow in pockets of corrosion. The water remaining after washing, in the process of freezing greatly extends and breaks gum Pilnyak and silentbloc, the joints of the pipes and other “delicate” areas. Moisture can penetrate into the unpressurized cavity of the headlamp and even tear metal body panels and radiators.

Dirty rags and bad chemistry

To withstand applied to the body foam to dissolve pollutants is extremely important, but it’s also important to wash and use for cleaning only special and the cleanest rags. To do this, they must be rinsed in fresh water. The only way to prevent and to minimize the appearance of scratches. It is best suited for cleaning microfiber towels.

Chemically active substances should not affect paintwork for more than a few minutes. After a certain time the components of the foam begin in datia in the thickness of the varnish and paint because of the increased activity of alkali, aggressive to everything she faces. The risk of damage is greatly increased in case of application is not intended for washing of cars.

To wash or not to wash?

The question to wash or not to wash the car, every car owner is responsible for himself. Frequent washing is harmful to the paintwork, however, the chemicals and dirt that accumulates on the car, killing him no less quickly. In this case it is important to adhere to the principle of “Golden mean” and to be guided by the rule “do no harm”. But at the same time not to neglect the basic rules of quality of washing and to entrust this operation only the really high-class professionals, which puts in the forefront not the amount of money earned and its reputation and quality of work.

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