As a man his wife and mother-in-law swindled

Как мужик жену с тещей облапошил

One man was peaceful but hard-working. Did everything that his wife and mother-in-law will say. Tap there flowed, for example, or something. Immediately after instruments have been grabbing what we need. And he was the only outlet from work Yes trouble home. Fishing he loved.

In the spring of the spinning brand new bought but all waiting for will come when the season began to be fishing. And it begins in June, if anyone knows.

And so June has come, and his wife is and says. Mom her repair started to do. And that will have them throughout the house it had Wallpaper glue. The man then realized that the whole weekend of the summer for repairs and he will leave. And will be covered with fishing it is, therefore, a copper basin.

With friends fishing his grief and shared it, then. And said about trophies, Yes, reason your with him and not stutter even. Saying that, jealousy he doesn’t want to suffer at all. Those, of course, regretted.

As one friend later separately of beer drank. After that, the man cheered up and about the repair of your wife across the word hinted. But on the contrary, glue and other things that need bought. Wife surprised even.

And here they are come, therefore, to his mother. Guy Wallpaper razmarivaet, and the something under his breath muttering to himself. Mother-in-law is interested in this, then there is drilling, they say. And he was like, yeah here I marvel, that so ukurasa was necessary, or harder to accept what to be writing Wallpaper! Him admiring the look and go nuts!

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And mother-in how many it is necessary?! Wallpaper-that she herself had personally chosen. Well, in the cry of the daughter, hear, say, a husband of yours what words are offensive, says something! And the know your line of oppression. To live in an environment like this you, mother. And I give the walls their you the best, therefore, to stick.

Well, they started those Wallpapers with my wife gluing means. He’s at the top of the ladders went up, and it corrects the bottom. Only sees his wife – he the Wallpaper is upside down tries to fit.

And husband is her what is wrong she says. What these stupid flowers just to place on the wall and can, then. Mother-in-law-how about a Wallpaper of offensive words once again heard, more than ever inflamed.

His wife is a diagram of some pokes, and he, like, know nothing. I should know, such claims. Then the mother-in-law off a ladder and stole it. Not give, say, Wallpaper, and shouts, up! And he is on all four sides of him to go to hearts commanded. And that is picked up yeah home and cleaned up.

He sat in the car and went to friends on a fishing trip. Because the stuff it should have it ahead of time in the trunk was folded.

Friends saw him so surprised. And the beer drank with him, and not be astonished once. That said, bolt is my handy? And laughs like this. Each artful ass, like, bolt, special zavsegda there. Why do you think I instead of the Affairs of the garden easily with you to go fishing?!

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