As a cheap products, which benefit more than delicacies

Названы дешевые продукты, от которых пользы больше, чем от деликатесов

Do not have to spend a lot of money on expensive products to fill your diet with wholesome elements

Experts gave recommendations on how to combine proper nutrition and the most modest budget. There are incredible in their usefulness for the body and health products, who can afford anyone, the experts said.

Doctors have refuted the common opinion that the opportunity to always eat only healthy and fresh food is expensive. Even though many people today are gaining weight rapidly, I often see primarily a factor of economic inaccessibility of healthy food.

Названы дешевые продукты, от которых пользы больше, чем от деликатесов

In this list they made sauerkraut. For some reason, decided to extol the properties of broccoli and cauliflower — but, according to doctors, in fact, the usual cabbage on the content of vitamin C in it is superior to all other types of cruciferous vegetables. Particularly useful for body sauerkraut.

Eggs is another available source of valuable microelements. In the white of an egg contains almost all the necessary human amino acids, and thus it can be fully absorbed by the body, which is rare for protein products.

Also among the cheap and useful doctors called kefir. Provided that it does not contain any additives, particularly sugar, kefir is ideal for maintaining healthy intestinal microflora, which affects almost the entire body.

In addition, the experts recommend to use products, which deliver the body essential amino acids, vitamins and minerals. They made the list of buckwheat and apples.

Названы дешевые продукты, от которых пользы больше, чем от деликатесов

Buckwheat is low in calories and thus gives the body the same amount of complex carbohydrates, protein and dietary fiber, how many famous quinoa, and apples, which normalize digestion and help you lose weight, bring health benefits more than any other fruit, stated the experts.

We will remind, named foods that inhibit brain function.

A certified naturopathic physician, clinical nutritionist Michelle Soffro told how to improve brain function.

As reported Politeka, flu without complications: the products that will help you to recover faster.

Also Politeka wrote that nutritionists have called products that effect on people as drugs.