Ary, the demon of laughter

A sense of Humour. Ary Abittan on stage during his show “My Story” at the festival Performance as an actor at the Cannes film festival.
© Syspeo.c/Alpaca/Andia.en


Six years ago, we had written here, that he would become a star. Ary Abittan has not betrayed our expectations. The triumph of the movie from Christian clavier That is what we did to God ? completed the irresistible surge of the demon’s laughter. To share Gad Elmaleh, one of his masters, who électrise better than him a room in a few seconds ? Physical play-boy, a smile pest, Ary Abittan would have been able to turn to other records. But it should not be large lacanian to understand that his first and last name had predestined : the laughter lives.

He is back at the Casino…

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