Artificial intelligence will follow people: there are new robots

Искусственный интеллект будет следить за людьми: появились новые роботы

The police managed to apprehend a dangerous criminal due to the system based on artificial intelligence

Law enforcement officers of China said that managed to catch a criminal who was searched for more than 20 years, thanks to the facial recognition system with artificial intelligence. Such cameras are now located in many public places of civilized countries and are used to maintain law and order, but in China they, in addition, comply with the program to create the ideal society, according to Gizmochina.

Искусственный интеллект будет следить за людьми: появились новые роботы

As representatives of the company DeepGlint Technology, which produced the system, managed to track down about 100 of the suspects, the camera was taken of the human eye. The sensors are able to detect moving objects and people at a distance of 50 meters.

When you find the desired object or person, the police receive notification from the system and immediately begin to capture the discovered object.

Earlier it was reported that China waives anti-corruption program, which is used in the possibility of artificial intelligence. Project Zero Trust (the”Zero trust”) has not received support due to high efficiency. The program used since 2012 in 30 districts and cities, and only few of them the project will continue to work.

The system of fight against corruption was rejected because of high efficiency. For seven years, artificial intelligence has analyzed only 1% of government officials across the country, and found among them 8.7 per thousand offenders.

AI performed the analysis for 150 databases, check the income of officials and their relatives. If the indicators exceed certain markers, the system recorded a violation, the Chinese government has received the notification and invited the officer in for questioning to the police.

It is also noted that the program has a serious drawback: the artificial intelligence reveals violations, but did not disclose how they were made. That is, it does not allow the police to hold elected officials accountable, just send to re-investigation.

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