Armed men staged a shooting in a school, there are victims: the details of the emergency

Вооруженные люди устроили стрельбу в школе, есть пострадавшие: подробности ЧП

The school, with an enrollment of nearly two thousand students, the armed people rushed in and started shooting

The accident is wounded.

The tragedy occurred 40 miles from Denver in the U.S. state of Colorado. The father of one of the students told reporters that in class, where he learns his son, two men broke into and started shooting. It is reported that wounded seven people, writes the newspaper USA.ONE.

Вооруженные люди устроили стрельбу в школе, есть пострадавшие: подробности ЧП

Malefactors managed to be detained.

Now the school cordoned off. About the institution is a large number of police and fire trucks, the ambulance, at the school stadium landed the medical helicopter.

The local Sheriff on the social network Twitter wrote: “the Situation remains dangerous and unstable”.

Local residents say that now in the district closed all schools.

As we wrote earlier, the two men staged a shooting in the city center near the metro station, in the end, two dead. The deadly incident happened in the capital of Russia.

Shooting in the Park near the metro station “New Cheremushki” gave two visitors from Yerevan. After a verbal altercation they had used firearms. When one of the opponents fell down dead, the second had committed suicide – shot himself.

According to preliminary data, one of the dead is the identity of the journalist, previously, the newspaper the Moscow Times.

It is also reported that the man who shot and killed his opponent, was armed with a revolver. He shot his victim in the lower back, and then himself.

The scene is already investigatory-operative group. The details are set.

As we wrote earlier, in London at the Holland Park road and opened fire from firearms. The accident happened near the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK. After the incident, the Embassy was closed.

Вооруженные люди устроили стрельбу в школе, есть пострадавшие: подробности ЧП

Started to shoot the police. The cause of the fire was the driver who turned his vehicle into the car of the Ukrainian Ambassador.

The press service of the Ukrainian Embassy in the UK stated that the man represented a threat to the Ukrainian Ambassador, and so the police had to open fire.

The driver was arrested. His motives are unknown. It was noted that earlier the Embassy had received no threats.

Recall that the shooting rocked the capital.

Yet it was reported that in the river opened fire near the shop.

We also wrote that the shooting occurred in the capital’s cafes Valentine’s Day.