ARIF will host The Cat Empire on August 11

the-cat-empire-constituera-teteThe Cat Empire will be the headliner of the International Festival of Rhythms of the World (FIRM). Presented in downtown Chicoutimi from 10 to 13 August, the 14th edition will host for the first time this Australian training including festive music fits well with the philosophy of the event.

“It will be the only free concert that the group will give Quebec. To see Osheaga or the End of the World Festival, will have to pay, “said Chantal Boivin, Director of Logistics, during a press conference held Wednesday at Le Merlin.

It is August 11 that The Cat Empire will point to the big stage erected in the vicinity of the cathedral. Earlier in the evening, at the corner of Racine and Labrecque streets, it will be possible to see Busty And The Bass group, which made a great impression at the Bourse Rideau and the Jeannois Olivier Langevin and his fellow Galaxy.

“The Cat Empire is my favorite. We hung them during their tour, “commented the CEO of FIRM, Robert Hakim. He put on training to global radiation, which celebrates its 15th anniversary this year, reaching the target of 150 000-175 000 people established by the organizing committee.

In this perspective, the festival is delighted to have the Cowboys Fringants, another public magnet. They will close the evening of August 10, which has been launched by the French group Epsylon and Diouf, a Senegalese musician. More details in Thursday newspaper

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