Ariane Moffatt stronger than Mother Nature

tres-impliquee-sa-musique-arianeAriane Moffatt has bewitched the audience assembled at Place Festivalma Tuesday night, ignoring the rain that never stopped falling during the performance of the singer.

But Mother Nature has found the Shoe Fits. There were more intense than in the outer enclosure: Ariane Moffatt herself. One of the coaches of the last season of The Voice has led some 4,000 spectators in her world, as she pointed out from the outset.

In fact, the crowd she was really ready for a show of such intensity? Not so sure. Sometimes sweet, but most of the time very active on stage, Ariane took control of the stage with an energy and a remarkable assurance.

Interpreting songs from his latest album, 22 h 22, it offered electro-pop rhythms with his three musicians. The quartet was so effective that by closing your eyes, you would think that they were at least double at times.

The lights mixed with creative sounds plunged music fans in a party atmosphere worthy of the greatest electro.

The success Standing, Miami, Reverbère and Angel Dust were most popular, as is the recovery of imperfect, Daniel Bélanger. We were then treated to a moment of tenderness between Ariane Moffatt and his fans. Let’s say she has given much to the brave who did not flinch despite the weather. Perhaps were they rather quiet before this high energy, but their courage is remarkable.

Very involved in music, the artist was more than comfortable on stage, in addition to being visibly affected to occur before a respectable crowd, considering the heavy rain. “You have thick skin to Alma,” she started to spectators.

The showman has also demonstrated its musical talents. Sometimes the keyboard, sometimes on drums and sometimes guitar in hand, she never seemed uncomfortable. Quite the contrary. The fifteen pieces performed paraded at a good pace.

Ariane brought his brother to the scene just before the end of the show, invited to perform a rap that frenzied spectators. In no doubt there is rhythm in this family! For those who were unaware, the Moffatt family has roots in Alma. “Coming here is like coming home,” shared the woman.

A short but effective reminder concluded the evening. Wet as they were, the brave were anyway not too disappointed to go home.

22 h 22 tour of the singer continues all summer across Quebec. Thursday is the song festival in Petite-Vallée, in the Gaspé.

For those who missed the performance of Ariane Moffatt in Alma, dry your tears. She will be back in the area on August 12 as part of the International Festival of Rhythms of the World.

Festirame visited by humorist Jean-Marc Parent, Wednesday night. The next day it was the turn of the band The Box to dance jeannoise population.

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