Arguments to the NEB in the case of “Rotterdam” will be ridiculed in foreign courts – expert

Аргументы НАБУ по делу "Роттердам+" поднимут на смех в иностранных судах – эксперт

In NABOO there is no evidence in the case “Rotterdam+” to extradite the accused

Obozrevatel reports, this was stated by economic expert Boris Kushniruk, the TV channel “Direct”, commenting on the possibility of execution of court decisions on detention ex-the head of the national Commission Dmitry Vovk, Deputy head of the Department of energy NKREKU Vladimir Butovo in the case of “Rotterdam+”.

“To detention and delivery in court of Mr. Butovsky and may be this situation with the Wolf, you need to issued the international warrant of the Interpol. But this is not enough. Then you will need to provide the documents justifying this decision. Here I would be very interested to see this study. Because if somewhere in some court, which will be forced to consider the question of extradition Butovo or the wolf, for example, in Ukraine, in this case, they must look at the documents, and based on what you require. And here I will be very funny to see, whether there was any justification for the NEB, we found that there was documentary evidence of import of coal from Rotterdam” – said Kushniruk.

The expert believes that in NEB and the RRG, there is no evidence in the case “Rotterdam+” and they will not be able to extradite the accused in this case in the courts of other countries.

“If they’d sent in these courts, I would like in the online mode, look at the faces of the judges and prosecutors of the country, which will consider these claims. Because today it is clear that we are witnessing the game in the first place the NABOO and the RRT, in the interests of Kolomoisky. And now they are deliberately putting pressure on everyone associated with the previous government. It is one thing to demonstrate in the Ukrainian information space this thing, and quite another – if you are this stuff will go to the Western courts and try to prove something,” said Kushniruk.

We will remind, earlier the Secretary General of the European Association for coal and lignite EURACOAL Brian Ricketts said that the introduction of import parity pricing for coal was the only right decision for Ukraine, a reference index-API is absolutely correct. And also noted that the use of the formula “Rotterdam+” does not imply that coal will be supplied to Ukraine from Rotterdam.

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8 Aug NABOO announced on suspicion six persons in the so-called “Rotterdam+”. Detectives Bureau reported that found no documentary evidence that coal in Ukraine according to the “Rotterdam+” imported from Rotterdam in the declared volumes.