Archeologists-fans have found an incredible find: “treasure”

Археологи-любители обнаружили невероятную находку: «сокровища»

The hobby archeologists discovered a sensational find with easy metallodetector

In the UK, near the village of Rosby in Lincolnshire, was found a clay pot of Roman coins in about IV century BC.

It is the largest hoard of Roman coins ever found in the territory of Albion. And found it in 2017 archaeologists-Amateurs, which, by the way, just informed professional scientists.

Археологи-любители обнаружили невероятную находку: «сокровища»

About the treasure became known only now, since recently, the court has officially recognized a sensational find treasure.

Thus, in a common clay pot buried in the ground, there were more than three thousand Roman bronze coins.

“The coins were buried around 307 ad. The Roman Empire at that time became more and more decentralized. Britain was again in the spotlight after the death of the Emperor Constantius, in York,” — said the press Dr. Eleanor gray of the British Museum.

She added that around that time in London, began minting Roman coins.

Under local law, the treasure belongs to those who found him and the owner of the land.

Now it is time for the British Museum, who should evaluate the treasure found. It is not excluded that the Museum will buy the coins.

As previously reported, in Germany, found the largest hoard of coins, most of which are the cents of silver. Coins of the XIV century.

These coins were found near the town of Ellwangen two men who were digging the earth in search of old military ammunition. They used metal detectors. For several months they kept the find secret, but then spoke about it to the authorities.

Археологи-любители обнаружили невероятную находку: «сокровища»

Vintage found coins dated year 1280, the new — 1350-m year. Coins were minted in schwäbisch hall, würzburg, Augsburg, Konstanz and France. Reportedly, the size of the treasure is about 9 thousand haler.

After some time, this treasure will demonstrate in the Museum in Esslingen am Neckar.

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