Archeologists discovered the ancient fortress in Egypt have experienced hundreds of battles

Археологи обнаружили самую древнюю крепость в Египте: пережила сотни сражений

Archaeologists discovered the remains of the oldest military fortress in Egypt

This became known from the message of the Ministry of Affairs of antiquities of Egypt, as reported by the resource “Accents”. As you know, scientists were able to find the fortress, whose age can exceed 2600 years.

It is reported that the fortress is located in the Northern Sinai.

Археологи обнаружили самую древнюю крепость в Египте: пережила сотни сражений

Note that were found in the North-East tower and the remains of the South-East. In addition, there were found remains of the South wall. In the course of excavations archaeologists have found rooms that were intended for soldiers, guards of the fortress. Experts believe that this castle served as protection for the Eastern borders of Egypt. However, numerous attacks it was almost completely destroyed. Archaeologists claim that the uniqueness of these structures is that they were characterized by different height of the walls. She could reach up to 17 meters. Note that North Sinai governorate in the Arab Republic of Egypt. Its administrative center is the town of El-Arish. It is located in the North-East of the country.

Археологи обнаружили самую древнюю крепость в Египте: пережила сотни сражений

Earlier it was reported that scientists have discovered in Greece, a city that has been preserved from Antiquity.

This became known after the message The New York Times. It is reported that archeological find was recently discovered in the South of Greece. Local archaeologists managed to unearth the ancient city, which, according to the scientist, was built around three thousand years ago.

Notes. That was discovered the remains of the village, the jewels and disposal. Experts believe they have unearthed a city called Teneya. It is assumed that the first stone of the future city were laid, when I finished the Trojan war. And this is about XIII-XII centuries BC.

Note that the study area, where, according to scientists could only be the ancient city, started five years ago. But traces of its existence was found only in 2019. Scientists have concluded that citizens Tenei was pretty wealthy people, because during the excavations it was found a lot of jewelry, rare coins, marble floors and other expensive things.

Recall that the Ukrainian archeologists found ancient street in Kiev.

As reported Politeka, scientists have discovered ancient human remains on the Islands of Amazonia.

Polietka also wrote that near the Valley of the Kings, which in the Egyptian city of Luxor, archaeologists have found the tomb of the unknown priest.