Archaeologists have unearthed an ancient city: “mighty civilization”

Археологи раскопали древний город: «могущественная цивилизация»

Scientists believe that the ancient settlement more than three thousand years

Archaeologists from different countries of the world during the excavations during excavations in Central Turkey found the ruins of the ancient Hittite settlement.

Scientists have managed to dig up nine layers of construction on the site of a settlement that arose in the heyday of this powerful civilization. There lived representatives of indoevropeiskoi of the people who lived in Asia Minor.

Археологи раскопали древний город: «могущественная цивилизация»

The Hittite Kingdom was one of the most powerful in its time and clashed with Ancient Egypt.

As the head of an international group of archaeologists performing excavations, Cimini Matsumura, was discovered the city wall. It was built about 600-700 BC. Under the wall was found the cultural layer of the XIV century BC.

The territory itself, where working professionals, covers a huge city that existed at the time of the Hittites.

Archaeologists also found clay tablets. They were Hittites of the Egyptian pharaohs diplomatic correspondence. On one of these plates, for example, it was written that the neighboring country had sent a messenger who back never returned.

As previously reported, archaeologists from the Australian national University have discovered in the jungles of Laos more than one hundred 1000-year-old massive stone jars.

Housed these objects in 15 sites that Nara scientists were not known. Giant jugs, or as they are called archaeologists, “pitchers of the dead” are considered to be one of the mysteries of archeology, over which scientists scratching their heads for a long time.

So far it is not established who created these vessels and for what purpose.

Археологи раскопали древний город: «могущественная цивилизация»

One version says that a huge stone vessels used to bury the dead, but it is curious that human remains there is still no one found.

“We hope that the study of these sites will allow you to have a clear idea about the ancient culture and how she treated his dead,” – said expedition leader Nicholas take out.

The scientists added that the weight of the jars is very high, some are pulling in a ton. And it is unclear how the ancients were able to transport such huge items through the impenetrable forest.

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