Archaeologists have discovered an incredible discovery: after 110 million years, their eyes still “burned”

Археологи обнаружили невероятную находку: через 110 млн лет их глаза все еще "горели"

Scientists have discovered the remains of an extinct species of arthropods

About this became known from the message Newformat, as it became known, the discovery was made in South Korea, Jinju formation, which still remains insufficiently known to the people.

The excavations involved the archaeologists from the University of Kansas. Experts managed to establish that the 10 fossils, which they managed to dig up are the remains of ancient spiders. They had lain in the earth about 110 million years old and belong to the Mesozoic era. According to archaeologists, the spiders eyes could still glow in the dark.

This ability scientists associated with the special membrane of the eye – the tapetum lucidum, which contains a substance capable of reflecting light. It is a very important element that helps many is still helping many animals to see in the dark. And though the people he is missing, the tapetum can be detected in cats, crustaceans and many fish.

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