Archaeologists have discovered an ancient tomb with an amazing find: “symbol of power”

Археологи обнаружили древнюю гробницу с удивительной находкой: «символ власти»

The archaeologists have found the tomb, whose age is five thousand years

But inside, scientists were waiting for one more amazing surprise.

An ancient tomb was found in Central China during excavations of the ancient city of Huangshan. In the tomb discovered human remains in a wooden coffin. Male, experts say, was no ordinary citizen, but a senior.

Археологи обнаружили древнюю гробницу с удивительной находкой: «символ власти»

In his left hand, scientists have discovered the bow and the right gun, which before they never met.

“This weapon is made of jade, it resembles an axe or Tomahawk. Such weapons in that period of time was probably a symbol of power,” — said the head of the expedition from the Institute of cultural heritage and archaeology of Henan province MA Sunzi.

Archaeologists in the tomb also found ritual objects: jade wares, pottery and a large number of lower jaws of pigs. It also indicates that the buried person had high status and objects symbolize power and wealth.

Experts cautiously suggest that the tomb may be the head of one of the clans culture, Cuilin. If this is so, then ancient burial may be the most large and luxurious of all known clan graves in China.

As previously reported, in southern Egypt province of Aswan, archaeologists have discovered a massive ancient burial. Inside the tomb researchers have found 30 mummies.

Tomb refers to the period of the Greco-Roman domination, and it is about 332 BC, according to the Egyptian Ministry of antiquities.

Experts found in the spacious tomb of several rooms. It is completely carved inside the rock. To get inside, you descend stone staircase. The entrance was bricked up with a stone wall, so the grave remained untouched for two millennia.

From the inscriptions inside the tomb were able to establish the name “main” of the deceased – Tiit. His body was decorated with painted wooden sarcophagus, which later fell apart.

Археологи обнаружили древнюю гробницу с удивительной находкой: «символ власти»

The underground crypt found three dozen mummies, including Two children’s embalmed bodies. the mummified body (obviously, mother and child) lying on each other and were covered with multi-layered papyrus.

Also in the burial chambers the archaeologists found dozens of amphoras of incense and other sacrificial vessels with gifts to the gods. Next to the four mummies was even taken with food.

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