Archaeologists have discovered a tunnel defunct metro: “echo of the past centuries”

Археологи обнаружили тоннель несуществующего метро: "эхо прошлых веков"

In Barcelona, the archaeologists found the lost subway tunnel

The train was to connect the metro station Lyceum with the funicular. It was designed in 1928. The construction of the line was never completed due to financial problems. This year, the archaeologists found part of the tunnel.

The place where he started the ghostly tunnel was discovered by chance thanks to the archaeological works carried out before installing the pneumatic system of waste collection. During excavations, the experts found hidden in the ground details associated with changes in urban infrastructure in the XVII and XVIII centuries, and the tunnel of the twentieth century.

Археологи обнаружили тоннель несуществующего метро: "эхо прошлых веков"

The tunnel is covered with concrete thickness up to 80 inches and has a depth of 12.5 meters. Archaeologists found the wooden stairs and beams for lifting equipment. The tunnel entrance was closed in 1933 after the residents opposed the open manhole on the street. Work on the study of the object continues.

Recall that in Germany, found the largest hoard of coins, most of which are Geller of silver. This became known from the message of the “rambler”. It is reported that in Germany, scientists found one of the largest hoards of coins of the XIV century. Important note, he was found back in 2017, but information about it was published only now.

These coins were found near the town of Ellwangen two men that unearthed the old military ammunition. They used metal detectors. For several months they kept the find secret, but then still told about her power.

Vintage found coins dated year 1280, the latest — 1350-m year. Coins were minted in schwäbisch hall, würzburg, Augsburg, Konstanz and France. Reportedly, the size of the treasure is around 9000 six.

Археологи обнаружили тоннель несуществующего метро: "эхо прошлых веков"

After some time, this treasure will show people in Esslingen am Neckar.

Earlier it was reported that in the city of Caesarea, Israel, was discovered pot, and old coins. The pot was hidden in the pit to divert groundwater, the depth of which was 1.5 meters. Under assumptions of archaeologists, the money preserved from the time of the first crusade, that is, from the beginning of the last Millennium. The findings of these times, not uncommon for Israel, however, these coins can be confidently called a unique treasure.


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