Archaeologists have discovered a remarkable artefact: it belonged to the ancestors of the Vikings

Археологи обнаружили невероятный артефакт: принадлежал предкам викингов

Archaeologists have discovered the remains of the ancestors of the Vikings in Sweden

About it reported in a press release on Reportedly, scientists at Uppsala University have found DNA evidence of the people who first settled in Scandinavia around 10 thousand years ago. The samples were obtained during excavations in the Parking lot of hunters early Mesolithic Huseby-Biting. It is assumed that they were the ancestors of the various Scandinavian peoples, including the Vikings.

As we know, was the genetic material found in the ancient gum from birch bark.

Археологи обнаружили невероятный артефакт: принадлежал предкам викингов

As it turned out, the people who lived in the area, was genetically similar to other hunter-gatherers in Sweden, as well as earlier Mesolithic populations living in Europe during the last glaciation.

Археологи обнаружили невероятный артефакт: принадлежал предкам викингов

Earlier it was reported that the hobby archeologists discovered a sensational find with easy metallodetector. In the UK, near the village of Rosby in Lincolnshire, was found a clay pot of Roman coins in about IV century BC. It is the largest hoard of Roman coins ever found in the territory of Albion. And found it in 2017 archaeologists-Amateurs, which, by the way, just informed professional scientists. About the treasure became known only now, since recently, the court has officially recognized a sensational find treasure. As in a conventional clay pot, buried in the ground, there were more than three thousand Roman bronze coins.

“The coins were buried around 307 ad. The Roman Empire at that time became more and more decentralized. Britain was again in the spotlight after the death of the Emperor Constantius, in York,” — said the press Dr. Eleanor gray of the British Museum. She added that around that time in London, began minting Roman coins.

Under local law, the treasure belongs to those who found him and the owner of the land. Now it is time for the British Museum, who should evaluate the treasure found. It is not excluded that the Museum will buy the coins.

Recall that archaeologists found in Iraq an incredible discovery which proves the existence of an advanced civilization on the border of Mesopotamia.

As reported Politeka, in Guatemala, archaeologists found the workshop of the Maya, which produced figurines.

Also Politeka wrote that scientists believe was found in the desert print personal object of the prophet Isaiah.