Archaeologists have discovered a mysterious statue of a woman: “she prayed”

Археологи обнаружили загадочную статуэтку женщины: "на нее молились"

Archaeologist discovered a unique statuette of the goddess

A young student Garvardskogo University Caroline Coolidge participated in excavations in Peru, Latin America. Caroline dug up the surviving ancient statue of the Indian goddess near San josé de Moro, according to The History Blog.

Археологи обнаружили загадочную статуэтку женщины: "на нее молились"

The discovery is more than 1 thousand years. A statue of the goddess refers to the transitional period between the cultures of the Urine and promotion of a culture of Lambeek I-VIII Near them was occupied by members of the Nazca culture, known for his huge paintings in the mountains and the desert.

Similar artifacts found in the past, but the integrity and location of the discovered statues make it unique. Such findings were also discovered in burials and household complexes, but this was lying in the ground separately. There was no one single object.

“As a rule, this kind of artifact belonged to funerary practice, but no graves near it was found”,- concluded the young archaeologist Caroline Coolidge.

Scientists also suggested that the statue could symbolize common in those days, around the world the cult of fertility.

Археологи обнаружили загадочную статуэтку женщины: "на нее молились"

Recall that the remains were found several years ago in one of the caves of Scotland, and now scientists have uncovered new facts.

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Even in 2016, one of the Scottish cave found the remains of a man who was brutally murdered over 1400 years ago. Scientists were able to restore the appearance of the killed and recently to assume who he was in life.

As noted, on the bone, I stumbled in a cave (one of 20) in the North-East coast of Scotland, known as the cave Rozmari. In the early twentieth century, archaeologists began to study these places. At that time, the scientists saw awls and needles of bone. People began to live in these caves in the II century of our era.

But not all of the caves served as shelter for ancient people. In particular, in the cave, which found the remains of melted iron. This is indicated by the traces of the respective furnaces. The victim was in a dark corner with her legs crossed and crushed stones with his hands. Scientists say the murder happened sometime between 430 and 630 BC.

Recall, the scientists struck by the opening of a fresh air disaster is near.

As reported Politeka, scientists have discovered a frightening discovery age 4500 years: “the silhouette of a man and…”

Also Politeka wrote that archaeologists have found a mysterious settlement in the Arctic: miraculously remained intact.