Archaeologists accidentally discovered an incredible discovery: “significant value”

Археологи случайно обнаружили невероятную находку: «значительная ценность»

Found treasure is of considerable numismatic value

In France archaeologists in the floor of the house found a rare old coins.

The discovery was made by archaeologists of the National Institute INRAP who had worked near the Abbey of Saint-Venin in Dijon. Professionals happen to stumble upon real treasure. In a small bronze box, hidden under the floor near the wall, they found 34 precious coins, writes The History Blog.

Археологи случайно обнаружили невероятную находку: «значительная ценность»

In the box was 10 gold and 24 silver coins and pendant with white and green enamel gold.

After the treasure was treated and purified in the laboratory, found out that the coins date from the second half of the XV century. Most of the coins Italian.

Experts say that the coins are of considerable numismatic value, as some of the instances known in very limited quantities.

Experts believe that the wealth belonged to the people, not the aristocrats.

As previously reported, in Germany, found the largest hoard of coins, most of which are the cents of silver.

This is one of the largest hoards of coins of the XIV century in the country. Important note, he was found back in 2017, but information about it was published only now.

These coins were found near the town of Ellwangen two men that unearthed the old military ammunition. They used metal detectors. For several months they kept the find secret, but then spoke about it to the authorities.

Археологи случайно обнаружили невероятную находку: «значительная ценность»

Vintage found coins dated year 1280, the new — 1350-m year. Coins were minted in schwäbisch hall, würzburg, Augsburg, Konstanz and France. Reportedly, the size of the treasure is about 9 thousand haler.

After some time, this treasure will show in Esslingen am Neckar.

Recall that archaeologists have discovered a unique treasure in Russia via gopher.

As reported Politeka, for the first time in Ukraine, a man can go to prison for a rare hobby.

Also Politeka wrote that in Kiev found the treasure in the basement of the old house.