Aquilon sing the chorus line

choeur-aquilon-donnera-deux-spectaclesHeart Aquilon presents a great show every two years. Fruit of a long preparation, this production provided by the 80 singers account training, led by Chief Francine Fortin choir, will return to the poster on 7 and 8 May in the Salle Michel Cote-Alma.

Presented at 20h and at 19:30 she is entitled Chorus Line because the themes are based on those explored by the followers of palmistry. The pieces deal of love, health and family, among others, and will showcase the versatility of the performers.

“Our strength is the spirit. We are the equivalent of a big family and we put our energies together to express different emotions. Thus we can make the popular, jazz, blues, even the classic “stated Francine Fortin in a telephone interview with the newspaper.

One of the challenges faced by the Aquilon Choir was to sing in Italian. It was to deliver a piece popularized by Marc Hervieux, Drill clouds, in which we hear a few sentences spoken in the language of Dante. Technically, however, the William Tell Overture, Rossini, set the bar even higher.

“It was difficult, acknowledges Francine Fortin. We had to assimilate a modern version while learning the choreography that will accompany it during the show. “Aged 17 to 70 years, members of the choir have worked hard to get there, but now they are ready .

“If we had Chorus Line tomorrow, I would not be embarrassed,” reports the choirmaster. Comprising 24 songs, all new for training, spare program pride of place in the French-speaking song. There will be Fred Pellerin, of Florent Pagny, Pierre Lapointe and Vincent Vallières, among other pearls.

Accompanied by five musicians, the choir will perform before imposing crowds of 1,200 to 1,400 people in total. “We fill each time,” says Francine Fortin, which emphasizes the participation of Lise Duchesne as honorary president. For ten years she chaired the Almatois component of the Relay for Life.

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